IWAS World Championships on the Road – 2013


Two races, two towns, two types of weather conditions

IWAS World Championships on the road 2013.

Last summer the IWAS office was contacted by the LOC of the Cedartown road race and the LOC of the Peachtree road race, with the question if it was possible to qualify for each road race as a World Championships.
5K World Championships in Cedartown and the 10K World Championships in Atlanta as part of the famous Peachtree Road race. Both LOC’s closely work together.
IWAS certified both lOC’s, due to this IWAS has now had 6 world championships;

July, 1 2013 – Cedartown July 4, 2013 – Atlanta
1 Women Open 5K 1 Women Open 10K
2 Men Open 5K 2 Men Open 10K
3 Men Quad 5K 3 Men Quad 10K


The race in Cedartown took place on July 1, and was held in good conditions, sunny, no wind, and good security by the local police department. And it was televised live on a local channel.

Result of the 5K World Championships
Women Open Men Open Men Quad
1 Manuela Schaer (SUI) 1 Aaron Gordian (MEX) 1 Raymond Martin (USA)
2 Chelsea McClammer (USA) 2 Guy Dae Kim (KOR) 2 Santiago Sanz (ESP)
3 Susannah Scaroni (USA) 3 Rafael Botello (ESP) 3 Josh Roberts (USA)


Unfortunately the weather for the race in Atlanta was completely different with rain several days prior and during the event. The storms in Georgia meant the conditions for the racers were difficult with no grip and slippery.
The race in Atlanta is a famous one, not only for wheelchair racing, but it is an IAAF 10K road race and followed by 60.000 runners. Due to this and the incident during the Boston marathon this spring the security was optimised.
Despite the weather the races were successful.

Result of the 10K World Championships
Women Open   Men Open   Men Quad  
1 Manuela Schaer (SUI) 1 Josh Cassidy (CAN) 1 Raymond Martin (USA)
2 Amanada McGrory (USA) 2 Joshua George (USA) 2 Josh Roberts (USA)
3 Susannah Scaroni (USA) 3 Krige Schabort (USA) 3 Santiago Sanz (ESP)
After the race all athletes where assembled to change chairs, have some refreshment and transported to the Shepherd Centre for the winning ceremony and brunch.
Results of both races are available on the IWAS website.